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welcome to The Barchessa Country House, your quiet haven in Emilia Romagna. Enjoy an unforgettable stay immersed in the Emilian countryside. Perfect for vacation Relax and sustainable tourism. Book your dream stay now!


Piccione Grigio

Delightful B&B immersed in the quiet of the Bolognese countryside, managed with love and passion by Veronica and Domenico. This place is truly enchanting, the quiet and simplicity make the stay very pleasant, the rooms are furnished with care and dedication. The breakfast is fabulous, the cakes prepared by Veronica are always different and delicious ..! I've been staying here for work for a long time, and it feels like home. Heartfelt thanks for your attention.

Lazim Latifi

In my experience a great venue. The very courteous and hospitable owner together with her husband. But with a fantastic little girl. I can say that I felt like at home.

Angelo Lupoli

Simple but functional structure, quiet place with beautiful comfortable and clean rooms, in 20 minutes by car you can reach the heart of Bologna. The owners are kind and helpful. The only drawback but it is a subjective thing I would have preferred more choice in breakfast, but I strongly recommend it.

Discover the Enchanted History of Budrio: A Journey through Time and Art

welcome to Budrio, a charming village with deep roots and a rich historic tapestry. While staying in the comfortable Barchess Country House, do not miss the opportunity to discover the hidden treasures and historical tales that make Budrio an irresistible destination for those in love with history, art and romance.

From Antiquity to the Renaissance: Budrio, a Stage of Cultures and Arts

Budrio it is a village that has seen the succession of different civilizations - from the first Umbrian settlements to Romans, come on Goths and Lombards up to the present day. Walking through its ancient streets is like walking through an open history book, where every corner tells a story.

A Hidden Treasure of Emilia Rogreat

Imagine roads that cross geometrically as in an ancient Roman pattern and a castle which, during the fourteenth century, was transformed into an imposing fortress. Feel the breath of the Renaissance in the building and cultural fervor of the sixteenth century, a period in which Budrio prospered also thanks to the hemp trade.

Romanticism and Rebirth

Budrio is not only a village of history, but also of art and romanticism. The civil struggles between noble families, the terrible plague of the seventeenth century and the ideas of the Risorgimento of the nineteenth century add a touch of drama and passion to its history. Characters like Quirico Filopanti, scientist and patriot, leave an unforgettable legacy, bearing witness to a rich past and a lively present.


A bridge between past and present


From the post-belli periodco to modernity, Budrio has always shown an extraordinary capacity for adaptation and rebirth, keeping the suto artistic and cult heritageural. Discover Budrio and let yourself be enchanted by its timeless spirit. A few steps from your room a The Barchess, a world of art, history and eternal romance awaits you to explore.

Contatti Home


The Barchessa Country House | Via Marana, 11, 40054 Budrio BO

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